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[Pickles] - [sec ban]


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Role(s): Every sec job
Length of ban: I had to play for a minimal time (2 weeks) before I could type this. Though it is for life or until I do this.  
Events leading to the ban: I don't remember all that well as it was almost a year ago but I am pretty sure I had bad wifi at the time so a bomb went off and crashed my game, meanwhile me as a sec was trying to stop the bomb. I had not on purpose killed someone as soon as my game crashed. As I've been asked before there is nothing in my app-data logs. 
Reason the ban should be removed: My reason for asking for a un-ban is basic and sweet. Its been either a year or over it in fact. And I haven't caused anything bad to happen. if you require any more information on the subject please let me know and I'll try to provide.

Thanks -pickles.

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  • Game Admin

Hello, after review of your recent weeks of playtime we have discovered several instances where you took up security roles during a round. Our current rules require that players do not get promoted, or otherwise end up in a role where they have an active role ban even if they are an antagonist. The current rules also require that players evading a role ban be indefinitely banned from our servers.


As such this appeal is denied and an indefinite ban will be placed on your account.

You may create a future appeal for the indefinite ban.

The role ban can not be appealed for at least 2 weeks.

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