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TheButteryJoke - Perm Ban for metacomms

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Ban reason: Metacomms - in an ahelp they said they were in a call with another user.
Length of ban: Permanent
Events leading to the ban: I had just been revived from the ship getting spaced, I got up after fully recovering and started making my way out of the medical facility. My friend had told me in call that he was going to take the chlorine and fluorine jugs from the chemical dispenser and I told him not to because I didn't want him to get banned. Keep in my friend was not a syndicate or any antagonist role at all. I went in before he could and took the chlorine and fluorine jugs from the only working machine in the chemistry lab and I never removed them from my hands (this came back to bite me shortly afterwards for I had no regard for slipping at the moment due to the ship having 0 gravity in that area). I was making my way with a crowd of people to the evac shuttle and on my way over there I slipped on blood or some other liquid and dropped both the jugs of the chemical which resulted in an explosion. My friend was laughing at me and I was pulled into the evac ship and surprisingly was able to be saved with some kind of medical advancement. Shortly after I recovered and went into the science section of the evac ship I was messaged by an admin who asked why I chem bombed all those people. I explained that I slipped and dropped the jugs of chemicals by accident with no intention of self antag and that one admin just told me to be more careful next time and the round then ended. While I was messing with my job priorities I was messaged again by another admin questioning why I had those certain chemicals, I explained the whole situation over again and I guess I had mentioned somewhere in the conversation that I was in a call with that one friend and I was shortly banned after asking if I could close the game without consequences.
Reason the ban should be removed: I really didn't know that people couldn't communicate over discord while playing space station 14, I was introduced to this game somewhat recently and have enjoyed my time in the game. I have already experienced a ban that was very much my fault and have tried to keep in mind of the rules from then on out about self antag and other RP sensitive rules but my friend had never told me about the metacomms rule that is enforced in game. I know the actual actions that were committed in game could have been seen worthy of a ban from some point of view but the game was very close to ending. Nonetheless I did cause the injuries of many due to my negligence and accept my actions from that situation, but me mentioning the call I was in was my real flaw in that situation. From this point forward if I am unbanned after this appeal I will truly avoid being in calls with my friends while playing ss14. I never took advantage of the calls I was in previously while playing this game but that doesn't excuse the rule I was uninformed of. Now that I know the extent that meta communication has for reducing unenjoyability on the server, I will never use meta communication again and encourage my friend to not engage in meta communication. I will have knowledge of this rule and the rest of them to insure no more incidents occur further going if my appeal is accepted. Thank you for your time.

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  • Game Admin

Appeal accepted.


We take metacommunications very seriously due to the nature of the game as it relies on players having limited information. The problem with metacommunications is further amplified since there is no way for us to verify what was said and as such we have to assume that it was used to gain an advantage.


Please keep in mind that future bans for metacommunications will be a lot more permanent.

I also highly advise you look over our rules again. Metacommunications is near the top as one of our zero tolerance rules which you should know.

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