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0xDEED - dogshit internet


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Ban reason: self-antagonism, evading ahelp
Length of ban: it doesn't say so probably permanent
Events leading to the ban: my internet was cutting out every 10 minutes or so during the round resulting in me coming back in random places, once even wedged in a wall behind a cryo pod which a borg had to let me out of. i was bored playing assistant since nearly everything else was time locked so i built a (very simple) maze in the escape shuttle docking area that people would have to walk through to get to the exit, with some materials i found. an admin bwoinked me saying "lets not" or something similar. around this time my internet cut out again. when i could reconnect i got the ban message.
Reason the ban should be removed: seems a little excessive and i don't have a say in my internet cutting out, it is unfortunately an isp issue

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  • Game Admin
Posted (edited)

Your appeal has been accepted because you responded via appeal and the amount of time you would of been banned for without avoiding an ahelp has already passed, more than twice over. Apologies for the delay.


In the future, please keep this in mind:

Remember to read our rules before playing again. Setting up walls can count as station sabotage, even if minor. Especially for blind crewmates, it could cause people to miss the shuttle and thus intentionally making things worse for everyone. If you ever get bored while playing and find nothing that are within the rules to find entertaining, your best option would be to go to Cryosleep and take a break, and come back after a few updates when things are interesting again.

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