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[Tostah] - [Roleplay as a speciest PAI]


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Ban reason: Roleplaying as a speciest PAI
Length of ban: Untill appeal
Events leading to the ban: This was a very long time ago (more than a year) so the details are fuzzy. I remember joining as a PAI and being racist towards lizard crew members. Having played on ss13 many times before, every server i've played on didn't have this rule. 
Reason the ban should be removed: The ban was issued more than a year ago I think, and I've played a lot of ss13 in the mean time. I believe I deserve a second chance. I know that the server has rules that we all must follow, and I intend to follow the rules of this server to continue to play.


Edit; Seeing as this was a while ago, Im noticing in my post history that I need a 'voucher' that I completely forgot about. Ill get one and edit it in soon.

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  • Game Admin

Hello, since you don't have a voucher of good behavior and it has been a week since you stated you would get a voucher I will be closing this appeal. You are free to make another appeal once you get a voucher of good behavior.


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