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MR_Fischer RDM

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Ban reason: RDM
Length of ban: perma
Events leading to the ban: im going to be honest i dont full Remember what happend it was abut a year ago, but i can try to recall the events. So the importend event was that i picked a gun form a nukie and i wanted to rollplay as a antag while not being one, i killed a guy for no reason, and was being just a general shitter, not even like a funny or creative kind of shitter jsut an annoying idiot
Reason the ban should be removed: well in the time durig the ban (abut a year) i played a lot on other stations and have chnaged my approach and understanding of the game, before i have still been a bit new to the game and evry round tried to do something big, now i understand that not evry round has to be something super interesting, sometiems you get boring rounds where you jsut have to do your job and thats it and thats not bad, people have to do their job and play a character not everybody will be in a spot light, if every person in the round went grey tide and started doing what ever thay want than this game would not exist. So to sumarize i belive i shuld be n banned becuse i have laerd the and understood the game better and well its been a year ago

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  • Game Admin

Hello sorry to get to you so late.


From the looks of it, you need to provide a voucher of good behavior to appeal this ban.

Please get a voucher of good behavior so you can appeal this ban and then you may open a new appeal.


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