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saying "Allah Akbar"

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Ban reason: saying "Allah Akbar" after watching another nukie microbomb implanter to kill someone*"
*(to be of note i was the nukie that blew himself up)
 Length of ban: Not stated.
 Events leading to the ban: I just said Allah Akbar after blowing myself up.
At the time I had friends that would expect and encourage this kind of humor. I was talking with one of them at the time and they said I should blow myself up and say that after. Honestly, this ban has given me perspective outside of the echo chamber I have been forced into and I would like to thank you guys for that. I took a week to consider my options before I cut them out of my life.
 Reason the ban should be removed: I have removed the influence from my life that pushed me to make that kind of joke. It was not something that I should have ever written.

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