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[Godvalve] - [For destroying all the walls to 2 prison cells and a window to HOS office with fire bombs, avoiding ahelp]


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Ban Reason: ["Banned for Mass self-antag, blowing up sec with makeshift bombs to free people, avoiding ahelp"]

Length Of Ban: [14,400 minutes]

Events Leading To The Ban: [Influences Behind The Incident: Dealing with the very tail end of a sickness my family's been experiencing for a while, I found myself once again terribly needing to "Evacuate" in the bathroom before the bombing incident. Additionally dealing with a water deprived headache due to the previous "evacuations", and still being quite a fresh player to the game, (only playing consistently just recently) I had 2 main factors besides the formerly mentioned that influenced me to do it: I had people watching me, A person as smile, and a PAI which someone had chosen. I couldnt back down for some foggy headed reasoning(due to the sickness) that I couldnt disapoint them. I also hate sec, ive never experienced a patient or mature sec during arrests or imprisonment in my time in the game. Even at round start, "shoot now, asks questions after 14 minutes of being detained later" has been the moto for even minor infractions. It could be interpreted as violations of the rules in a lot of the cases ive experienced. I wanted to free those who felt similar to me about their particular sentence. Though the second reason was why i wanted to initially break them out (by safely destroying 2 glass walls). At MOST destorying only the intended glass and only repairably(a quick welding torch) damaging other cells/people nicked by the first charge that goes off. Thus, the 3 reasons above were why it was caused, and are also what influenced me to the ban reason

The damage that I remember with certainty: the 1 tile window besides HOS door destroyed completely, people were injured but not crit(unconfirmed but more probable then firebombs killing a fully geared up sec with time to react after first fire bomb goes off) and 2 prison cells completely destroyed of windows and doors.

The ahelp: Main reason for "avoidance" is stated at the start but I additionally also immediately took a shower: I joined back after finishing cleaning up the "main reason" but my autistic needs have me needing to feel clean so I hopped in. (ahelp chatlog=proof if needed, I simply stood there. afk.). I noticed ahelp after the shower.

Additional and relevant information

-made an effort that no one was game removed, (fire bombs are to weak to kill instantly)

-had planned and done no permanent damage(reasonably unrepairable damage) aside from 2 prison cells,

-No specific person was the target of this,

-It was my specific character quirk to not like security,

-I have a style of play which over indulges in bits on occasions

-This point might hold little weight depending on the reviewer, but I wished for it to be an event in good fun.

Reason the ban should be removed: [I definitely wont be dealing with this sickness after today, all of it is out of my system. I have made the connection that extreme tomfoolery is only tomfoolery to me, and a nuisance to everyone else. This was a infraction that hurt the playerbase in an unfun way, self antagging in this way was a violation of the rules and the trust of the community. An apology cant fix it. but. I can hope that I havent done enough to no longer be trusted anymore. As for the ahelp, there is nothing I could do. I have given the rules a new relooking. twice in fact. and memorized down (mostly by accident) the jist of the ones pertaining to my ban, having a firmer, permanent impression of the others. This game has got me in its clutches, id like to play it again asap. please and thank you. please.]

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