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7 day Command ban for boxing people, increased to 14 days because I was "unfazed"

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Role(s): All Command roles
Length of ban: 14 days
Events leading to the ban: (I was on edibles during the time of the ban) I had rolled captain as my main moth "John Moth" and I will admit I am very much not a serious player ( I like to do gimmicks such as "hosting a boxing tournament for AA" or stuff like that) So I started out doing my usual captain duties, delivering gold to sci, the money to cargo and pinpointer to HoS etc etc... sometime into the shift, someone had said over commons "Captain law 2: Kill everyone" I thought that was funny but obviously im not gonna kill anyone, so I grabbed a pair of boxing gloves and started just randomly boxing people, THIS is by all means shitter behaviour and I get giving a warning for that or even like a 24 hour ban , I had admitted that, yes I was in the wrong I also announced banning gravity (never did anything with the grav gen).
Reason the ban should be removed: when I was bwoinked to be told about my ban I had asked how long it would be; 7 days, okay, thats fine, I mean I dont think I did anything obscenely wrong I did make a mildly sexual comment which wasnt cool and obviously I take responsibility for that; BUT upon being told about the 7 days instead of arguing and fighting I simply accepted it, the trialmin then proceeded to note my "unphased" demeanor towards the ban they were giving me, and for that reason alone they doubled the length of the ban, which in my opinion is very much power trippy and overstepping, I didnt throw a tantrum, I didnt whine or swear, I was graceful in accepting my ban, and for that it was doubled!? I believe that it should at least be reduced back to the original length or removed alltogether as what I did wasnt even that serious.

Screenshot 2024-03-20 204752.png

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