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BailensdeLykenos - Banned for Self-Antag/Over-Escalation/Hostility-to-Staff/Leaving-Ahelp

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Ban reason: [Self-Antag, Over Escalation, Hostility To Staff, Leaving A-help]
Length of ban: [permanent/appeal only]
Events leading to the ban: [An engineer came to chem bay and requested Flourine and Chlorine, i declined, the CMO gave the go ahead, i mixed them into a beaker, critted myself and destroyed the dispenser and chem-master. After recovering, I said "im gonna stab a bitch" and got a knife from the kitchen, after  reporting the player to security and ahelping the situation. I got new virology clothes because i didn't feel comfortable working with 2 people and only 1 machine, and i like the green virology clothes( I usually request title change to Virologist). Later as i was walking the halls, i got sprayed by a make-shift flamethrower, by the same person. I critted them with the knife, got attacked for attacking them, and went to medbay to heal myself/them and called for security, which is where the ahelp questioning started. I told the admin what happened, i got told it was my fault for the explosion for not knowing the ingredients to CLF3 (which is true), that i was over-escalating the issue, and that by grabbing new clothes it was seen as me hunting them. After he was healed, he immediately used the flamethrower on me again while i was arguing in ahelp. My response was "fuck you if you think that bombing was my fault" because of the clear self-antag motivation of the engineer, making bombs and flamethrowers instead of working, and i was already pissed at the fact that i was pretty much out of a job for my ignorance. In my opinion, if you ask someone to do something and it results in their injury, you should be held at least partially responsible, if not take responsibility yourself and say sorry, which the engi did the exact opposite and called me a moron for not giving him the chems in separate beakers. After reviewing the replay, the admin decided to press the issue of me over-escalating, which i disagreed pretty strongly.  At this point it was a new shift and i had to leave for IRL work, but the admin saw it as me leaving the discussion. To an extent, i did leave the discussion early because i was angry and didn't want to keep swearing to the admin, but i also let the current shift crew know i was about to leave prior to actually leaving, and the ahelp discussion made me want to quit playing as i'd had enough. ]

Reason the ban should be removed: [I think the ban should be removed because i tried to de-escalate the situation by reporting them to sec after the bombing, and i also ahelped the situation before the flame-thrower incident. I don't know if the engi got in game arrested or warned for it. I don't see how what i did was considered self-antag as i was working the majority of the shift, i helped heal the guy, and i attacked only in self-defense after being napalm'd. I told that current shift CMO i was leaving prior to leaving, and i got pissy because the admin said it was my fault for being an idiot and mixing the chems and not letting the situation go. 

I do have issues with getting pissed off and lashing out especially when its me being self-destructive, even in game. I shouldn't swear at the admin for not seeing my side of the situation, and i'm not very good at de-escalation. In the words of my people; "F*ck around and find out."  I like the community and the game, and I've both done, and witnessed, awesome sh!t and been praised for it. I don't want to be banished forever over this, but I'm definitely going to take a break. Sorry for the long appeal. ]

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  • Game Admin
Posted (edited)


Following admin discussion, we have decided to accept your appeal and reduce your ban.

You will be unbanned on 2024-4-29.


The main reason the remaining length of the ban is this long is due to your statements during the ahelp. Please keep in mind that in the future being hostile to staff may result in a more permanent ban.

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