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TheButteryJoke - Banned for 3 days for Self Antag.

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Ban reason: Spilling all the meds in chem after being previously warned.
Length of ban: 3 days.
Events leading to the ban:  I had first been taking animals to a surgery room and killing them for their organs to have for potential surgeries and that wasn't tolerated by the fellow medics and guards, so I ended up getting fired from my job. While fired I was pretty bored so I decided to go back into the med bay and mix two jugs of chemicals and drop them on the floor. A few people really didn't like this and removed me from the med bay and killed me and I was shortly banned after conversation with admin while I was dead.
Reason the ban should be removed: I really have been kind of not doing much and causing some trouble as a medical intern because I am trying to get playtime to unlock chemist, I know that isn't an excuse for my behavior but now that I have unlocked chemist I feel like I would be doing a lot more service through creating meds instead of being bored at times and causing problems. I would put my role to use and not cause trouble that effects the fellow medical staff and I swear from here on out I will benefit the team.

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