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MagicRat - Abused from range


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Ban reason: Abuse from range

Length of ban: 518 400 minutes until march 12 2025

Events leading to the ban: It was my first and only session playing on the server as a new player and only notable incident that I can retell is that I was sitting in a chair and I got lit on fire so I started running around and after that I punched the guy back but he knocked me out. If it was because I put on boxing gloves even though I wasn't a boxer I'm sorry I was going to be putting them back but I got carried to the hospital and when I got healed I was lost in the station and couldn't find my way back. I also don't quite get what "abuse from range" means and if it means that I was throwing something at someone I didn't even know you can do that before writing this.

Reason the ban should be removed: I'm a new player and a stupid one at so I'm really sorry for what I have done but one year ban is a really long time and I don't even understand what have I done wrong. 

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  • Game Admin

You have hit a VPN data centre ban. 

This is not a ban on your account specifically, but the VPN provider.

Make sure you entirely disable your VPN and you will be able to connect. 

If you require the use of a vpn to be able to play, you may request a VPN exemption under the admin messages section of the forums.

If you disable your VPN and still cannot connect, contact us through the admin messages section and we will assist you further.


Everything's fine, until it isnt...

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