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DISCORD BAN - jurgenhabicht#0

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Discord account: jurgenhabicht#0
Date of ban: 23/02/24
Events leading to the ban: I don't know the ban reason, so I guess they banned me because I might have reached warning cap or smth like that, bot didn't write me the ban reason. The events were: Basically I opened chat and sent the message "mommy". It didn't refer to anyone, I just posted it for fun and giggles. After that people replied to me calling me weird (for just saying 1 word??) and started spamm pinging admins. I guess admins were on hot stop or smth and just gave me a perm ban.
Reason the ban should be removed: I know I was wrong for saying word "mommy" in chat, I will make sure to be careful and control my behaviour so that it won't repeat again.

Writing instantly after appeal deny just in case, cuz you didn't check previous one for 1 month

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