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Frog6645- Failing to act as command.


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Ban reason: Unreasonable incompetence/failure to maintain order as command/taking actions detrimental to the station/cooperating with an antag. As the captain, watched the HoS get robbed/killed by an antag.
Length of ban: [I cannot see admin notes, but I am assuming the command role ban is until appeal?]
Events leading to the ban: To be more concise than last time, I was the captain and watched a greytider grab a fake laser rifle and shoot me with it. I dismiss this and tell them to put it back. HoS jumps on them without any warning on green, I chase after, they get slipped around 6 times. The greytider, who unbeknownst to either of us, was a syndicate, walks up to me and says "sorry cap" while I am still in a stupor wondering what to do about this and obliterates the HoS before there is even a chance to make it a 2v1. I consider attacking them with a stun baton, but my lack of confidence as a new captain (and frustration with the HoS) gets the better of me so I shit talk the HoS and verbally express that I am going to withdraw instead of instantly intervening or running away. Later on, knowing that the HoS has lost their card, I let my guard down in the bridge and nearly get cuffed in a chair, then get slipped, cuffed, and robbed. I attempt to negotiate with the syndicate after I have lost all of my important gear, but we are unable to reach a resolution because they have to kill an innocent. After this, I engage in a quick skirmish below medbay, and then at the end of the round, I attempt to have one last standoff with them and am obliterated as I had lost all of my gear at that point.
Reason the ban should be removed: While the part about my incompetence is very true, as I am a new captain, I would like to heavily refute the accusation of me cooperating with an antagonist. I was outwardly hostile towards them when I believed I had the advantage and open to negotiation when I believed it was the only option. 


I would like to refer to this rule and the leeway given to breaking it. I was effectively attempting to "trade" anything they may need in exchange for the safety of the crew. Once it was revealed that they safety of the crew was something they had to fuck with, we both realized that this would not work and parted ways. I believe allowing a known antag to roam the station is far more hazardous to the safety of the station that trying to negotiate materialistic needs for the safety of the crew. I will make no defense to the accusations of incompetence because to be fair, they are largely true. I let my guard down when I knew the syndie had bridge access. I fell prey to the slip meta after watching another member of command get dunked on 6 times and knew it was their main card. Most importantly, I lacked the confidence and faith in my ability to fight back. After cranking quite a few hours in sec however, I believe I have gotten a little bit better at the game. I have also kind of learned that I PROBABLY shouldn't shit talk other players for the entirety of a round just because they did something I did not like. I was mad at them for being so needlessly persistent and went on to do the same shit... for longer. 

Next, the accusation of my attitude being lackadaisical. At some points, I can see where I teeter the line of where it can appear that I do not give a shit. As a response, I can say this. Would a captain who does not see an antag as a threat attempt to negotiate with them? I would have no reason to negotiate with an antag if I did not see them as an overwhelming threat. I also attempted to engage a fight with them on two occasions. I do not believe my approach towards hugs was lackadaisical as much as it was me being afraid of hugs as both a player and of the contextual power they had. I knew of them as the robust lizard tider that makes security cry and I was sweating bullets during every encounter with them. This level of "oh fuck" stopped me from objectively looking at the situation. 

Lastly, I tried to run the round replay to clear up anything the like, 3 week timespan would have made me forget, but it said I was running it on a bad version. Round 47600 to be specific. If you guys can still see it, great. If not... not so great.  

One little side note: The concept of admin shopping wasn't really a thing that occurred to me as I came from other games like SCP:SL where that wasn't really a thing that I saw. I'll toss any notes here, as much of an eyesore as it may be to have another block of text in the replies. Whether or not my appeal is accepted, would like advice or notes on what I could have done better. That is if you guys can still see the replay and care to give anything. 


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Shit I just realized what I forgot to add. During 90% of rounds my command role ban fails to actually... work. I can join as members of command and even ready up for them, not that I have. Feel like that is important to mention.

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  • Project Manager

It appears that your rolebans expired on March 13th, so you've actually been free and clear for the last 10 days. Were you just trying to appeal the rolebans themselves at this point?

Will leave this open for response in case the purpose of the appeal was misinterpreted.

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There is a bug where you can't see your admin remarks, and also one where the game fails to actually role ban you. Pair those two together with the fact that I wasn't ever exactly told the duration of my command ban and I just played it safe by appealing rather than exploiting some weird shit going on. I was also told I could appeal the role ban in two weeks so I kind of figured the ban itself would uh, be longer than that. Basically, I suspected the ban was over but wasn't sure so I tossed one out here.

Appealing the roleban itself wouldn't be the worst thing I guess (wasn't thinking about it), since I still hold true to the belief that I was not self antagging, but that can go on the bottom of the bucket list of appeals to look at because it really doesn't matter that much in the grand scheme of things. I just sucked at something that I was new to and that's to be expected. You can close this now if you don't feel like reading an essay to potentially clear my name is the best use of your time. Or not. I don't mind either way.

TLDR: The purpose of this appeal is mostly null and if you don't care to read an essay to potentially clear my name you can close it whenever.

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  • Game Admin

Just to make the case known, 

Rolebans are not bugged, they just do not "lock" or grey out the jobs for you. 
Had you attempted to join as one of them, it simply would not have worked. 

Similarly, even though you can set your preferences for them. You would not be chosen for the roles. 
The server actively ignores your attempts to take roles that you are banned from, instead of locking the buttons or preventing you from setting your preferences.

This is more of a UI representation issue than anything else.


Everything's fine, until it isnt...

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