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Nivar Exdar CE ban


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Role(s): CE
Length of ban: 1 week
Events leading to the ban: Captain told me to quote "say something funny" over announcements so I made the you gay? announcement, for which captain gave me a clown metal. There was then an unrelated incident during the same round where I found out there was only one sec officer so I said over radio that I engineering was rebelling as a joke. I was not serious about it, and it was 3am. I then went to atmos where one of my technicians made a joke about me being head rev. So I flashed them with the flash you get as a command role, as a joke, obviously It didn't do anything since it wasn't real and they didn't go on to hurt anyone or anything, so I don't see what the problem about making a joke out of it was.
Reason the ban should be removed: (I know it expires in 13 hours) I didn't get my whitelist accepted into MRP probably because of having an active roleban, since I certainly have enough time  I believe the ban was much harsher then it needed to be for what was a joke that didn't effect anyone else's game play experience.

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  • Game Admin
Posted (edited)

This has been put through the speedy appeals process of which I have come to the conclusion to deny the appeal.

Also of note: MRP whitelisting considers your behavior from present and past rounds and admin actions. MRP whitelisting is done on the discord.

The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:
- Ban has already expired
- Appeal does not dispute the facts of the ban.

Appeal Denied

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  • Game Admin

To enable speedy review of all appeals, appeals that meet certain requirements may bypass the standard, often lengthy, review process. Our banning policy requires appeals which are denied using the speedy review process have this notice placed on them. Any of the following criteria typically make an appeal eligible for the speedy review process:

  • the ban is temporary and the player indicated on the appeal that they are ok with it being processed without a vote,
  • the ban length is less than or equal to 14 days,
  • the appeal is older than 7 days, or
  • the result of the appeal is obvious.

You may make a staff complaint if you believe this appeal was handled improperly, but should be aware that this will typically only result in a review of the processing of the appeal itself, with the appeal being re-opened if an issue is found. An appeal is considered to have been processed improperly if the criteria to use the speedy review process was not met, or if the facts which the processing admin relied on to process the appeal were incorrect. You must concisely describe why you believe the appeal was handled improperly. If no issue is found with the processing of the appeal, the appeal itself will not be re-reviewed. If, in bad faith, you claim that an appeal was handled improperly, the reviewing head admin may decide to extend the time you must wait before you appeal and/or extend your ban duration.

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