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connorisgaming - Wanted to get people high with frezon, but ended up killing poeple.

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Role(s): Atmospheric Technician
Length of ban: 14 days
Events leading to the ban: story as I posted on discord
>Be me in atmos
>Make 6 cans full of frezon and sell em for about 130k each
>decide to keep one and fill a hand tank with frezon
>Do silly atmos thing by wanting to getting people high on the shuttle ride home
>Open your hand tank of frezon on .5 in main shuttle room
>Realize people are dying and you may have filled that tank with A LOT of really cold gas
>arrive at Cent-Com with more then half the shuttle dead
>Get role banned

So this happened during a long round on salamander in bagel station, I had sold 5 other cans full of frezon and kept one when I knew we were going home. I filled a hand tank with frezon with the idea that I was gonna get people high on the ride home.  And as an atmosian I've huffed a good bit of frezon in my day with out dying but guess because I kept it really cool (around -250c) I was able to fit a lot in the tank and people started dying on the shuttle, I realized what was going on a little to late. I turned off the tank but it was empty by then, I let some people who were still up into the engi room where it was safe. We stud there until we got to cent com and then helped move bodies to medical, I truly felt bad for what i did but didn't tell anyone besides the CE latter before round restart. then an admin pigged me asking "why the frezon?". I told them the story and got fairly role banned.

Reason the ban should be removed: if not removed maybe a reduction to a week or something as i still did do a wrong, even if i didn't mean to and am sorry, it's a week to reflect.

I know i messed up and regret doing it, I honestly just wanted to mess around a bit and get people high, I wasn't even sure how well it would work if at all, so when I saw people dying because of me I understood how badly I fucked up right then, I won't do that again or anything like it, and just want to get back to making frezon to sell, also running the TEG to show it's the best power generator.
Love the game, and love the role.

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Posted (edited)

So I remade what happened and learned it wasn't even the inhaling of frezon that killed them, they got burn damage because of how cold the frezon makes the whole place. Again I really didn't want people to die but didn't think of the cooling that would happen by releasing a bit of frezon.

I have a video of my test, but it's to big to upload here, this is my discord if you want to see the video connor7740
also some snips to show the cans I made and tank, it takes a lot to fill a can at -23.15k(-250c) with 9000 kpa




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  • Game Admin

This has been put to an admin discussion and vote of which we have come to the consensus to deny the appeal. The ban will run its course.

The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:
- Some roles make it particularly easy to derail a round or hinder the play of others. We expect care to be taken with those roles.

Appeal Denied - Ban to run its course.

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