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Berserus malo-RDM

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Ban reason: RDM.

Events leading to the ban: I start pouching the kangaroo do to that the detective of the station started shasing me white a baton, so I decide to fight Leding to me getting arrested I was put in jail, I start et to punch the light casing me to die then an admine started messing me, but I was not present in that moment casing me to be ban.

Reason the ban should be removed: first I was not present when the admine send me the message second I get that you guys ban me for like between 1 to 7 days but not Perma




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  • Game Admin

This has been put to an admin discussion and vote of which we have come to the consensus to reduce the ban from indefinite to 3 weeks.

The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:
- Repeat issues with RDM

Appeal Accepted - Reduced ban ending on 2024-04-15

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