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DoktorNOKK - ERP Joke

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Ban reason: ERP joke
Length of ban: Voucher ban, appeal only
Events leading to the ban: İ saw a shaking guys and i missed a sentence 'i dont remember what is it'. Then the admins ignored it was fault and banned me. six or seven months passed also i have a good player label from 'Goob Station'. They are have high population.
Why my ban needs remove: When i was banned i have nearly 200 or 300 hours. Now i have a 1300 hours on steam. Also i tried so much game mode such as CM, Frontier, MRP, sandbox, robust etc. So i can say im experienced player now and i feel sorry about my joke. İ dont want to miss newest updates so im ready for ban appeal.

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  • Game Admin
Posted (edited)

As previously mentioned you have been voucher banned with an appeal time-out of 6 months, ending 15 May 2024.
If you wish to appeal again you must provide a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server for it to be considered. 

Appeal Denied - Voucher must be provided on any future re-appeal after 15th May 2024.

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