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Shidestiny - Cargonia/Purchasing Weapons/Cryo while in aHelp

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= For game bans =

Ban reason: Forming Cargonia, purchasing weapons, and cryosleeping before round end.

Length of ban: 1 week

Events leading to the ban: This whole incident is shrouded in confusion and mob mentality, I apologize in advance for any confusion.

I play a character, Nana Tuall, during the shift that caused the ban I was QM. Shift was going really well, there was some wild buildings being made outside cargo which did not involve cargo so I decided to leave that issue to SEC and CE. Because of the teamwork between Cargo and Engineering, we were able to sell 1 freezon canister worth $45k. When the Cargo tech returned (Henry Shaw - Local_dumbass) in his excitement he yelled "hail cargonia!". Unfortunately, he said this when 3 sec officers were, I assuming, trying to make senses of the construction in front of cargo. Immediately those officer started panicking and radioing about cargonia being formed. I took what Henry was saying as a joke and tried repeatedly to reassure sec there was no cargonia. Several cargo techs and salvs also tried to insist that there was no cargonia. 

Next thing I know, there were 5 wardens, all of sec, and the captain swatting cargo saying that cargo had bought weapons and formed cargonia. I tried to explain what had happen, I tried to reason but no one seemed to care to listen. They started looting cargo searching the place and demanding to do searches of cargo employees on green. Then somewhere in span of the search over the supply radio Henry said something along the lines of we should buy guns or he is going to buy guns. I Immediately said if anyone tried to arm up or buy anything I'd fire them myself.

I then turned my attention to the captain hoping they would listen. They did not. They said they found a flash and grenade which confused me further because that was out of left field. I now feel, a day later, they may have thought we were revs? I'm not sure. At this point I did not want to play the game anymore, I realized I was getting upset and needed aHelp. I contacted aHelp and explained what had happened.  They said they would look into it. As I was messaging the admin, I told captain I wish to quit, dropped my backpack and digipad which I saw them pick up. I walked out of cargo and to the HoP. I told HoP I wanted to quit and I was fustrated with how sec/command was treating cargo and myself. The HoP said they understood and seemingly froze there. I think they had no idea how to handle the situation either so I walked away. 

I then asked ahelp if cargo could strike, i was intending to force a conversation over what happened to esculate everything so dramatically. 

This is where I take full blame. Instead of waiting for a reply, I began pulling all cargo order computers from the floor. When I saw the captain and sec return to the station from ATS, this fueled me even further. I told cargo and the now on floor lawyer I was contacting CC and requesting a strike. I said I was not intending to do a thing in cargo until i get a answer. I then tabed out of the active game and started looking up the space laws for a possible in game court case.

I thought I was tabing in and out of the game enough to keep a general bases of what was happening in game, but when I gave it my full attention again someone was LOCCing me about admins being upset. I reviewed the announcements and saw the admin warnings about striking being disruptive. 

Then the admin ahelp messaged me back saying a strike was disruptive. I countered asking how being swatted by SEC for forming cargonia and buying weapons despite neither being true wasnt distruptive. 

The admin said to put the cargo computers back and I saw the HoP starting to help with that process and I gave access to cargo doors for everyone to get mats again.

I then took a step back. Pulling away from the game. I realized at this point me being so upset over a game was getting unreasonable and unhealthy. 

I returned to the game, admin said to not give full access to cargo doors so I said don't worry I'm going to go cryo because i tried quiting and that didnt seem to work.

I radioed command said I'm cryoing. Because I saw they were debating calling a shuttle after what happened in cargo. I said don't worry, I'm cryoing, not sure if they will be able to get the cargo techs back to work.

I cryoed.

I stepped away took a breath and deciding if I should file a complaint. I decided to hop back on the game because I realized I couldn't continue the admin conversation outside of the game. When I logged in, I was immediately kicked back out and saw the ban.

Later that night, in the discord I saw saw the user Local_dumbass posting how they were Henry and the only syndicate in cargo that round. They were laughing that all of cargo got arrested by sec for forming cargonia.

Reason the ban should be removed: 

As a adult, I should of not gotten so upset over the events that took place. I was so fustrated because I try very hard to always work alongside SEC, understanding the bad rep they get in the game for doing their jobs. I feel in general, on the Salamander server I have gained a reputation of being fair and kind. If I'm wrong I'm quick to apologize to those I've impacted in game.

I felt mobbed and treated poorly in the game by my fellow players and then the admin. I'm sympathetic to the admin in the situation trying to gather all the stories. I do feel they were quicker to ban than to actually help resolve the issue despite me being the whistle-blower.

I don't argue the time ban if that is something you all feel must be made a example of. I should of kept a better head in the moment. Only realizing too late that I needed to step away. I do feel It was wrong to ban me in part for stepping away from a escalating situation without attempting to contact me via discord.

I primary wish to have my command/whitelist status unbanned if I do decide to return to the server. I intend to take a break either way but I do feel wronged despite recognizing I was not totally right.


= For role/job bans =


Role(s): Command/whitelist

Length of ban: 1 week (forever?)

Events leading to the ban: See above.

Reason the ban should be removed: See above.

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For clarification, Local_dumbass a.k.a. Henry Shaw is not to blame in this situation. They were just included as the best first hand witness to this situation. 

I look forward to playing with them in the future.

Please do not harass them.

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  • Game Admin

This has been put to an admin discussion and vote of which we have come to the consensus to remove the ban.

The game ban has since ended but the role ban has also been removed

The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:
- Time served
- 2nd Chance

Appeal Accepted - Ban Removed.

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