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Ban appeal for VPN

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GitHub account: [Revenant_One]
Date of ban: [3/11/2024]
Events leading to the ban: [Have traveled to visit a family member, and attempted to use their pc to log into my account to play while away, but their pc has a vpn running so my account was banned. I believe I have the VPN turned off, but my account is still banned and am being directed to here. I apologize if this is not the correct format, I have never had to do this before and this is my first time posting anything to the forums.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [VPN has been turned off/this is not my home pc or internet]

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  • Game Admin

This is not actually an account ban. 

What you have encountered is a data centre ban, meaning that the VPN provider itself is banned. 

Totally disable your VPN and you should be able to connect without issue.

If you have issues, or want to request a VPN exemption. The place to do so is in the admin messages section of the forums. 

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Everything's fine, until it isnt...

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