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Ban Appeal: 'Rule 0' Violation


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Ban reason: "Rule 0 Fishing for ghostroles with multiple overlapping connections

Do you want this public: Yes

Length of ban: 4320 Minutes
Events leading to the ban: While working on other things I regularly use SS14 to decompress. I don't always have the time to play a full role as my attention is regularly diverted to other places and other things. I can usually get away with playing one or two interesting ghost roles (which for me are commonly more fun than the standard roles, even if it's a sentient vendomat.  I usually have two or three severs set up to see when things pop up.  There are no rules against this anywhere listed on the SS14 wiki, discord, or forums. 


Reason the ban should be removed: Strictly speaking it's because there is no such thing as 'rule 0' anywhere listed on the server rules and no rule against what I did. There should be no such thing as an unposted rule, especially for something so cut and dry.   If you don't want it to happen, make it an official rule and post it publicly where everyone can see it instead of setting up rule landmines for people to trip over.  Under no circumstances should rules be hidden from people who play this game.



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The golden rule is listed as rule 01.

In this case, since it is a behavior that seems to be rather easy to follow so long as it is posted, I don't think a three/four day ban is warranted since there was never, at any point, a suggestion that it was against the rules. No warnings were given, no ahelps sent, no messages sent on discord. How am I supposed to know this was forbidden if I had no idea it was against the rules?


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  • Game Admin

This has been put to an admin discussion and vote of which we have come to the consensus to deny the appeal. The ban will run its course.

The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:
- Logs indicate you had multiple connections to multiple servers fishing for antag rolls.
- Antag rolling.

I would suggest to just join the game normally instead of occupying several servers and player slots in the future to avoid any more bans or issues.

Appeal Denied - The ban stands but is now expired.

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