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1400 Hours of play and I have NEVER been a nukie


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At this point I legit just alt+f4 when nukies are announced cuz it gives me a huge amount of fomo and grief just to see those red suits. I have had the roles selected on all my chars, i've played when there were only 20-30 people on with teams of 4 nukies, wtf is going on?
Did a Mod/Admin fuck up some whitelist? Am I just intentionaly not getting picked over others who I see as nukies literaly ever few shuffles? The only thing I thought of so far is I never am "READY", I usualy join immediately to try to pick a role so maybe you must be in a "READY" state and not join?

2024-03-08 01 54 21.png

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Just now, deltanedas said:

yes you have to ready up

So, to clarify, you have to be in the green "Ready" state before the timer hits 0 as opposed to selecting a role after it hits 0?


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Posted (edited)
On 3/8/2024 at 8:15 AM, TurboTracker said:

Nukies are rolled shiftstart, you MUST be readied up to roll them.
It is not possible to get Nukie if you latejoin (even if its 1 second after shift starts)

I'll play today and stay readied! So far I like the randomness of not knowing my role now!

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