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Odimiz's Ban Appeal, second account

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Ban reason: Having a second account (username DEN123)
Length of ban: permanent
Events leading to the ban:  When I was log out of my main account, I wasn't sure which email it was that I use to log in, when I log in with my second account which I thought it was my main, after realizing it wasn't I then which to the other account which I think now links to the main. The purpose of the second account (DEN123) go back two years ago in 2022 when i was still new to the game.

Reason the ban should be removed: I am willing to delete the second account, however i do not see how to do so, and that am now very aware that having a second account is bannable.

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I'll fix up the ban status in line with the outcome of that previous appeal, so that you can log back in with this account - 'Odimiz'
Do not connect with any other account or you will be banned again for multi-keying. Including the DEN123 or any other accounts or you will be locked out again completely.

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