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SS14 account: StungoBungoo
Character name: Unknown
When was the ban: Estimation 20:40 Today 16/02 GMT+1 Lizard USW
Your side of the story: I had just installed the game and played for about an hour, getting familiar with the station as an assistant. I had to take a leak leaving my computer on my living room table and when I returned I was greeted by the ban page. Turns out my roommate wrote some homophobic slurs and terrible stuff. I am really sorry and apologize for that. I understand that this game isn't for that type of behavior and have no intentions on acting like that myself. 
Why you think you should be unbanned: I don't think this ban was unfair, as said, this game isn't the place for that type of stuff. So I have all the understanding why I was banned. I swear that something like this won't happen again. I would love to keep playing this game as I'm really excited for this game!
Anything else we should know: I am really sorry, won't let my friend near the computer again. Love the game and you're doing the lords work admins <3


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forgot date
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It's really inconvenient that the "My brother" excuse is the truth😅. I study and live together with two other students and one of them is a little bit of an ass.

As I wrote, 20:40 was an estimation of when I was banned, I guess it was earlier, but is my terrible sense of time relevant?

Please let me know if there's anything you want me to elaborate further on


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