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Fallen_Maple/Wyatt_Earp voucher ban

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Ban reason: Searching Fallen_Maple in ban appeals shows everything
Length of ban: Untill I can provide a voucher of good behavior
Events leading to the ban: Searching Fallen_Maple in ban appeals shows everything
Reason the ban should be removed: I am very aware this 99% going to be denied but it has been a year and I really want to play this game again and I am aware of why I was banned and I apologize for it and I apologize for ban evading this was a year ago as of the second and I dont have a voucher as its pretty much impossible to get one and these are the only big servers that aren't russian. My point is I apologize for everything and I can promise it wont happen again as when I played previously I had not read the rules and didnt care but I am sorry for that and I think appealing is worth a shot. Thank you for your time.

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