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MerrytheManokit | Command Role Ban

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Role(s): Command
Length of ban: 3 days
Events leading to the ban: I had just joined a round and realized i had gotten research director for the third round in a row, thinking i had unticked it. This was a kick in the head as i'd gotten very tired of playing RD the last couple of shifts and wanted to relax and play a different role. Not knowing that command roles were supposed to ahelp before they left the department through suicide (I haven't read the beginning of round flavor text since like hour 20 since it's usually useless and i had read them before), i just suicided in my room thinking it wouldn't be a problem. Then a minute or two later I got ahelped and role banned
Reason the ban should be removed: I feel 3 days is a bit too long for something that seemed innocent enough and is fine in every other role, which lead to me thinking it was just ok in general no matter the role. However i do understand why this would cause problems and is a punishable offence. I just ask for a second chance with the knowledge gained. (I also get to unlock HOP today which is very exciting :3) Thank you for your time.

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