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IskenderPasha aka Osborn Curry - Mass Murder Ban

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Ban reason: [image.png.dd7f0061a8f12e37d667e491022fb856.png]
Length of ban: [720 minutes]
Events leading to the ban: [I was a syndicate with non kill objectives, get QM tablet and HoS orders. During the round I emagged disposals and hid the entrance into disposals with a wall (not a murder trap, emagged disposals mean people are already dead, but I don't want people to see them) I found another syndicate with whom we made plans, a librarian or a musician saw us and we killed them quickly. Prior to that, the other agent killed CMO and another passenger, I shared with them that to hide the bodies we can send them via the disposals shute into the emagged shredder. Meaning I helped the other syndie, despite not having, this was my only intention. We also made plans to bomb both med and bridge with my bomb getting defused. Fast forward a few minutes, Turbo Charger messages me asking me to explain myself. .]
Reason the ban should be removed: [ While I don't argue with the ban length, but I dont understand why admin/admin team does not apply the rules that they set themselves. THE ONLY reason I did this, is because some time ago I read the following ban appeal:

There the admin nikthechampiongr wrote the following: "On emagged disposals, that is the danger of just shoving yourself down disposals without a second thought.  If you jump down disposals then you should expect to die."]

I try not to break rules, but without any explanation TurboCharger banned me. I am fine with being banned for this duration, but at least explain what I have done wrong. I shoved two dead people in there in an attempt helping the other agent, all other people who jumped in there, I am sorry, but its not my fault.  I am attaching  a screenshot of my chat with TurboCharger. 


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  • Game Admin

I've reviewed the ban it meets our banning policy for such issues, The ban is now expired.
Probably the points you raised in here are better for rule clarification sections but walling off the disposals and having a no counter sounds almost definitive of the rule.


Wanton murder of crew members in great number for no purpose and with little effort/danger to yourself is forbidden. Hiding in maintenance, killing anyone who walks by and hiding the corpse is boring. You are taking people out of the game for no purpose while posing little risk to yourself.



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