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larsort-leaving while a AHelp was ongoin


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Ban reason: Leaving while being contacted by Admin via AHelp
Length of ban: Appeal Ban
Events leading to the ban: I was contacted by an Admin via Ahelp as i was dead as CE and he asked me why i was helping the Nukies and i said to him that il gave them my word that i wont stop them if they win the Chess Game to destroy the station. The Player for the Crew lost and SEC suddenly attacked the nukies and i let one go who was with me after that i was killed and contacted by an admin and was asked about it as i replied i waited some time in the AHelp menu but didnt got an Response anymore so i left the server and got on another server and played some time there
Reason the ban should be removed: I had exlained the cause of my Actions to the Admin and cause he didnt respond anymore i left because i dont wanna watch a round as dead guy who doesnt get revived another thing is that i only play on Wizden servers and if im on another one he can contact me there if he needs further information. Please dont hate me for my Spelling english is not my native languages

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  • Game Admin

After review, the admin team has concluded the following:

- You did not knowingly ban evade, however leaving so early led the banning admin to believe you were. This will not count against you in future admin actions, however please in the future ask whether an ahelp is done or not before leaving.

- Your actions as CE were inappropriate, no reasonable person, let alone a command member would go out of their way to help nuke their own station obliterating themselves and everyone else just because the nukies won a chess match. This goes against specific rules we have on command members, specifically: "Do not willingly and openly cooperate with terrorists".

- Any appropriate punishment for the above has already been served while you were banned.


Following the above findings we have decided to lift your ban immediately.


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