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Banned for naming myself Cump Dunkadunk

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Ban reason: "NSFW Name"

Length of ban: Forever and ever.

Events leading to the ban: Some fellow grey guy was hitting an armored wall with a fire extinguisher and was blasted by a sec officer so I moved them while they were cuffing which is self antiaging. This caught the attention of the admins.

Reason the ban should be removed: The name is literally meaningless its not insinuating anything its not the word cum its not NSFW. In fact I'm a bit offended as my last name is Cump in real life. I was asking the admin OliverOtter what the problem with the name was. I was cooperating trying to find out what they want me to do. He just said "Take a wild guess" and that was not very helpful. I am also distraught on the fact that he said "when you return" as if he knew that this perma ban was a load malarkey and that I would be unbanned. I think he was trying to waist my time and abuse power also I'm not joking or trying to be a funny guy about that being my last name It really is but I was willing to change it.

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