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Toesty#0668 cant remember name


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SS14 account: Toesty
Character name: John Badooze
When was the ban: around a month agp
Server you were playing on when banned:  Lizard 
Your side of the story: I was sec and bored so i grabbed a few flashes and flashed large groups of people (while saying cheese)....  The only person that got offended by this was the janitor (cant remember the name but would be nice if she replys to this) and i thought thats a stupid reason to get offended and stole ehr trashbag later but no harm was done. In the next round i did the same thing again with the flashes and the janitor gunned me down ( she was antag) and then i got banned for metagrudging.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I tried to explain myself even later on on discord but got ignored  ( no response )

Anything else we should know: I think its an unfair ban because thats not metagrudging and there was no harm done but i will never do that again and i learned from my mistakes.
appeal, include it here.

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