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JunicoNRC - alt account "nrc_"


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Ban reason: nrc_

Length of ban: only via appeal

Events leading to the ban: i think the ban cause was for me playing using a different account. Didn't played for a while, then i created another account; my current main "JunicoNRC", after sometime i re-entered the old account "nrc_" and after trying to connect the server i got banned. 

Reason the ban should be removed: after making an appeal linked in this post, the admin told me that's not allowed alts, and yes i have a incident of trying to evade a ban in the past (April, 2022) and i was unbanned latter on, so it's not the case now, and i did not commit any crimes relating to need make another account to exploit something, i just forget the password.
I undestanded clear if i'm unbanned i can have only one account with previous account-logs transfered to the main one, and also, about the forums account it should be also the same that i use in-game. If's possible, wish to keep "JunicoNRC" as main account, cause is where i played most.



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  • Game Admin

Ok so it looks like the original ban was meant to be lifted from:

There has been a bunch of alt bans for the multiple accounts prior to that. Which triggered off a chain reaction of bans which are still in place.

If this is your account ONLY USE THIS ACCOUNT, I will transfer all your notes and details from your other account to this one and remove the bans.

Do not log in with any other accounts, if you are detected multi-keying using multiple accounts you will be banned again.

Appeal accepted ban removed.

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