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BlackAnDRose - Banned from sec roles by being an awful HOS

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Role(s): security officer, cadet, detective, head of security and warden.

Length of Ban: Permanent 

Events leading to the ban: From what I remember (We must take into consideration that this was at the beginning of August, it's now February in here) During that time I didn't know a lot about head roles and space law, so when I unlocked hos as my first head I just did what I pleased. A lawyer kept reminding me constantly of following space law which made me quite annoyed at him. He also was trying to interview a prisoner which I didn't allow him to. Somehow during the end of the round the bridge ended up being spaced and the prisoner was kept inside without a prisoner eva suit, the lawyer insisted that he wanted to save him even though the prison was spaced, I ended up letting him and then headed off to evac trapping him inside. Because I was a very new player I didn't know where evac was and I ended up missing it. That's when I accidentally dropped my gun and a lizard picked it out. I must say that at this moment I was very frustrated from all that happened during the shift, I shoved the lizard down so he would drop my gun, afterwards I picked it up and started shooting him. That's when I got blown up and “bwoinked” by one of the admins (I don't remember his username). He questioned me about my wrong doings  and I denied all of them. I left the game that day and the next day when I tried to log in I saw that I was banned from the server for almost a month. After a month I logged back into the game and when I tried to join I realized I was role banned from all security roles . 

Reason the ban should be removed: After I got banned I realized that I not only did a lot of awful things during that shift but I also ruined the shift for a lot of people that day. I was very ashamed of myself (that's why I took so long to write this appeal). Looking back 6 months later I have been reflecting on finally writing this appeal so I can prove to everyone that if you give me another chance I won't let you down this time.

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