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Ban for "maxcap"

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Ban reason: maxcap
Length of ban: Week
Events leading to the ban: So I made a maxcap after some messages about nukies. Then I bring maxcap to space and start searching for them, I saw 2 syndicate agents with jugger and Elite Agent hardsuits (I thought these guys were nukies in the beginning), so I throw maxcap at them and run away, I killed both of them. Then admin messages me and told me that they were syndicate agents, not nukies. They were in the chapel (i don't remember map name, but chapel itself is in the corner of station where people don't go, eplosions were small so it didn't hurt station a lot). I am sorry, I will watch carefully next time if they are nukies or syndicate agents with nukie's hardsuits

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  • Game Admin

It was mainly placed due to the massive station sabotage and your previous history of max capping issues.
Escalating the dial to 11 on first strike with max capping is a bit too much especially considering it wasn't confirmed and you wiped out half a dozen bystanders too.

Ban is complete now, so you can join again.

Ban expired - closing appeal.

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