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child - SS14 acc - Round start Quit job as Hop


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Role(s): Command - Cap, Hop, Hos, Cmo, RD, CE, QM
Length of ban: 3 Days (started Jan 3rd?
Events leading to the ban: Round before I was HOS fr the first time and my friend (Hugs-The-Void) dragged me into maints wher ei tried to escape, they used omega soap and slipped me then cuffed me, was revs, suffocated in box, they felt bad and i wanted to play Greytide with them. Next shift, I turn my roles high to make sure im greytide but spawn as hop. Withuot much thought i quit my job, Cap hires a new hop, I kept my access and was king of greytides, I was talked to by an admin and was smited and given a three day ban but was allowed to continue the shift alive and revived.
Reason the ban should be removed: I regret my actions as i didnt think before i quit and I would like to try playing command again. I didnt send in a request sooner because i felt that I needed a break from command anyways as i was playing it alot. I have been playing alot of security and some command to get a hang of the responsibility. Also the time is up for the three day ban anyways

Note: Sorry if i missed something. Was a while ago. 


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  • Game Admin

I've had a look in to the original aHelp from the ban it looks like the admin said they would ban you for 3 days but the ban was put on as indef, I will remove it now.

Appeal accepted - Ban removed, Error in applying ban.

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