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rainy (rainy310 on discord) - Banned for saying a slur


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Ban reason: [In a previous round, you used the word 'Retard'. You have been warned about the exact same issue previously. We consider it to be a slur, and saying slurs is against the rules]
Length of ban: [4320 minutes]
Events leading to the ban: [I had said the slur once before in-game. However, an admin told me not to, and I apologized because I did not know it was considered a slur on this server.  I have not said the word in-game ever since. I got home today and said I had been banned for saying it, which was a shock. I know you don't take these things lightly, and I believe people should be banned for saying it. But this time, it was unfair, as I have only said it once.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [This ban should be removed because I believe I was banned unfairly. I really enjoy the game and slipped up once, apologized, and moved on. The ban was for a second repetition of the word, which, to my knowledge, did not occur.]

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