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Sosa - Banned for abusiveness toward volunteers


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(This will extend to game server and Discord if viable. Otherwise, I can make a separate post for the latter.)

Ban reason: Abusiveness toward volunteers.

Length of ban: Appeal-only.

Events leading to the ban: In Discord I was critical of the lack of admin response to a rule question that at the time was unanswered. Metalgearsloth replied to something I stated to which I responded to with an off topic/unwarranted reply, then leaving the server. I was summarily banned from both the Discord and in-game for my actions.

Reason the ban should be removed: To double up on an issue presented in the past by freeman in regards to a previous ban, I can and have taken the game too seriously. All I can state to this point is that my life circumstances have changed drastically and have placed me in a position of exponentially greater mental health and self-identity.

I do not think that my criticality of the handling of the question should have been so heavily lauded by Sloth - however, in an effort to empathize I cannot feasibly understand how many people blame admin teams, developers, and the like for the lack of elements, be that ground rulings on specific issues or content or otherwise. I will also state that the admin who compelled the question is no longer on the team. Not with any longstanding feeling of vindication do I think that my question was largely reactionary and ultimately confrontational to an unnecessary extent. If the question is unanswered, so be it, I really should not have so much weight in the hypothetical scenario of a collection of pixels. For this I genuinely apologize.

My words were also misunderstood through my own fault - I'd mentioned that I was the longest time player, but I misspoke. (longest time player construing that I'd played for 2k hours, *not* that I've played historically the longest.) I've been outwardly critical of a few admins in the past but never took it to Discord to express discontent in the way I had, and furthermore should never be overly critical of one who spends times deliberately attempting to alleviate issues, even if I disagree with them at the time, as rulings can always change and conversations can always be had to find middle ground.

I apologize to Kayek who I yelled at when they called me out, rightfully so, for breaking into the high tech vault on Box when I brought back a multitude of materials for cargo after a conversation over rushing insulated gloves. That was really unfair, you've always been a kind admin, and you're just looking out for other players who don't get a chance for gamer loot because Sosa™ keeps rushing the Gamer Gear™. I can try to rationalize my behavior "that other people won't find it," but that just means I can look for it 10-20 minutes down the road and focus on other things... Like roleplaying, or my job.

I apologize to Metalgearsloth for telling them "good luck on your sound issues lmao" before leaving the Discord, as this was during a time when sounds were all around having issues, the game seems to have less project managers/as hardcore contributors due to forks or otherwise burnout and pissing off one of the very few is a dogshit move. I can be an asshole, but for everything I complain about, I've never had so much fun, and I know you're inherently one of the few people to thank. I can and will be more grateful and less inflammatory in future interactions, regardless of the outcome of this ban appeal.

I apologize to LordEclipse for insinuating that they were babysitting an unfair rule infraction when they'd just gotten on and were assessing the situation in an objective manner.

I realize I can be overly critical and I apologize that it manifested into one of my favorite hobbies because of how obsessively I handled something as simple as a response of volunteer time. I did not mean for this to manifest into vitriolic actions towards the staff who has provided innumerable experiences and want to better my actions/speech wherever viable.

If and when I feel a judgement is unfair pales in comparison to how many times people have likely been told that I was within rights to perform actions I'd done in the past via self defense, antag actions, or otherwise. I came from watching Ssseth's SS13 video, cramming out space drug pills as a non-antag mime to trying to make narrative artifact videos. I believe that change in attitude is possible and want to remain open to it, I do not want to be cynical and abusive. I'll cool my jets from here on out, whether or not I'm accepted in either medium. Peace.

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I added my username to the title as per format. Thank you Dolgf!
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  • Sosa changed the title to Sosa - Banned for abusiveness toward volunteers

I want to add that I was also recently permanently banned for transphobia for quoting someone's message and stating "We all thought it, he said it" about some overtly transphobic ideology/expression of self. I take full responsibility for my actions and understand that this weighs heavily against the decision, if not outright dismisses the appeal under the guise of an attempt to be as inflammatory as possible, but I ask for the sympathy that I did not provide in this case. I saw an opportunity to hit below the belt and took it. I'm human and it was an emotional response. To be completely candid, in this regard, I have a long way to go with the conversation and should not at all have used someone's identity as ammunition.

I apologize to PJB (or whoever Trans Rights Nuke Disk is on Steam) for doubling up and spewing hate. Not much I can say about it other than I accept if I'm unwanted to re-integrate to the community, but would at least like to attempt to move forward. I was not raised in an accepting community/household and this gets the better of me.

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  • Game Admin

Hello again. Admin consensus is to deny this appeal and require a voucher for any future appeals. A future appeal must be made at least 6 months from the time your ban was placed(2023-12-01). This is due to many factors, but these are the prominent ones:

You have a very large history of previous issues. While we understand that you also have an extremely large amount of playtime which is bound to lead to more incidents we cannot disregard the sheer amount of them and their severity.

The hateful statements you made were also a big part of this decision. We understand that those statements were made hastily and/or under poor mental health however we also cannot just ignore them.


While you have apologized for all of the above, and have stated that you have improved your state of mind we cannot just take this at face value. This is why we would be much more confident accepting an appeal in the future accompanied by a voucher of good behavior.


A voucher of good behavior should be obtained from a well-known or decently active SS13/SS14 server. If it is a mainstream server, we recommend using that server's admin-help to ask for a voucher from one of the administrators explaining that you are trying to appeal a ban on SS14's Wizard's Den and want to show you have been a problem-free player during your playtime on the server. A voucher should be indicative of at least a few months of play. (edited)

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  • Project Manager

As a result of your response to the result of this ban appeal, which included claiming that you would ban evade and grief, the admin team has decided to modify the voucher requirements for your ban.

A voucher is still required to appeal the ban, but instead of being able to appeal no sooner than 6 months from the time of the original ban, you may appeal no sooner than 12 months from now.

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