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Zombie - discord appeal Feb24

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Discord account: zombiedude101

Date of ban: 27/08/23

Events leading to the ban: My last appeal was rejected in part on the grounds of me using the phrase (even though it was just in the context of stating what was said) so it will be obfuscated for the purpose of this appeal. To quote: "I was talking about to the old ss13 racism, and had explicitly stated it was a good thing it had been phased out here, and explained my view that slurs like "l" were usually just used as a thinly veiled excuse to use the hard "n" slur without without actually using it. Due to my prior joking about an old SS13 server that had a weird vore system and complaining about a ban for "ERP" that I didn't see as ERP, this was seen as the straw that broke the camel's back." I admit I bypassed the automod to state the l phrase, although I will stress that I had not intended it maliciously.

Reason the ban should be removed: 

Just to reiterate as my last appeal picked out that I was "copy-pasting" - I really didn't see any reason to reword what had been said, it seemed like the most utilitarian thing to do. The facts remained the same as to my ban reason, and my sentiment towards them at the time.

Moving on to the now: it has been several months, in the times I have been on the communtiy servers since I've demonstrated good faith behaviour - and again, and always, will reiterate that my intent was never malicious, I never meant to make trouble or cause grief for folk. It's not going to be an issue again. If you don't believe that, I honestly don't really have anything else I can say; here is my word, you may take me at face value or not, although I want to reiterate I haven't been a problem on the servers or anywhere else. I'm not going to repeat the same issues as before, and as I have always reiterated, the level of effort it would take to deal with me in the event I caused further issues (which I would not) would be very miniscule. I haven't done anything otherwise malicious.

I haven't made another account, griefed on the server, tried to bypass the ban via another discord account, I'm here, trying to do the right thing and be unbanned via the proper channels. So, as before, I would appreciate an opportunity to respond to any concerns before the appeal is rejected and closed. I think communication will settle this easily enough.

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