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doktornokk - discord ban


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Discord account: doktornokk
Date of ban: 2-3 month ago i guess 1.11.2024
Events leading to the ban:I think I was unfairly banned due to in-game maintenance, and I got angry and got into an argument with the admins.
Reason the ban should be removed: I applied to have the game ban removed. That's why I request that my discord ban be opened. I also learned that everyone got an Erp ban from wizardd. So this is a very normal thing :)

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i write here 'are you guys forget it?' and a guy warned me for bumping now nearly 25 passed and im really thinking you guys forgot it. If you haven't forgotten, it means you have a grudge for not responding to the objection that others did on Monday and not giving it to me. If it is truly forgotten, I can say that such mistakes would be the human condition, but I request that the warning given to me be removed.

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