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Teshari- vpn ban


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Ban reason: [You are connecting through a datacenter or VPN.  For administrative reasons we do not allow VPN connections to play.  This is not a permanent record against your account, turning off your VPN is sufficient.  If you have a technical issue and need a VPN to be able to play, you can request an exemption at forum.ss14.io]
Length of ban: [Appeal only]
Events leading to the ban: [Im using a vpn]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I'm sorry to have brought trouble to your work!  But I really need a VPN!  SS14 does not support the direct connection of my national network, so I need VPN to log in and play normally, if I turn it off, I will not be able to log in normally, I really like to play this game, I hope to lift this restriction, please! ]


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Connecting Via a VPN results in a blocked connection because the datacenter itself is banned. 

If you attempt to log in without the VPN, You will not hit that ban. 

You can apply for a Datacenter Exemption in the Admin Messages section of the forums. 


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