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Zek Z. Zykov (archangelm127) - Raider

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I'm extremely salty right now, so please pardon my tone.

Ban reason: "Raiding"
Length of ban: No idea (client doesn't say)
Events leading to the ban: I started the round as CE. Grabbed my gear, got people working to get power up. I grab the PA control computer and start to drag it to my office to prevent people being stupid. This is not even 3 minutes into the round. Not one but TWO tiders appear in Engi. They straight-up murder me without a word. Red mist descends. I ragequit the game. I should elaborate that I've been having a REALLY bad day, and I was hoping to have a little fun in spess to calm myself down.

I take a few minutes, I write an angry post on #Stories in the Discord. That helps me calm down. I decide to log back in and sic an admin on these people. I AM BANNED.
Reason the ban should be removed: I realize that I should have jumped on ahelp, but being basically punched in the face when I calmed down and came back to do the right thing is not pleasant and feels extremely unjust from my perspective.

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