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Carmelo- Command roleban- left at roundstart


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Role(s): All of command
Length of ban: Permenant
Events leading to the ban:  Game was “deep fried”, graphics were shot, tons of lag, audio stretched. Decided to relog immediately due to k owing that this happened a lot. Upon attempting to relog server showed “offline” status
Reason the ban should be removed: I just assumed the server crashed. I thought about checking if it was a client side issue, but decided to go do something else  Turns out after scanning my drive 5 mins ago my SS14 is corrupted. I have repaired the files. 

(I would like to point out that I play the game a lot, so my bans which are a couple weeks apart are actually 50ish hours of GP apart. I understand I have had trouble with command in the past and will most likely be taking a break from those role)



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