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chiefcach - Ban reason: ["Metacomms"]


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Ban reason: [Metacomms"]
Length of ban: [This ban will only be removed via appeal.]
Events leading to the ban: I had joined a Discord group were I, and a few other regulars that played on the server (Lizardsden) had been using the discord to communicate outside of the actual in-game comms.
Reason the ban should be removed: I will own up to some of the evidence brought up against me. It was dumb to say these things while a current round was still being played out. At the same time, I'd like to make a point that some of the things I've said were dead chat/ me malding that I had been put in a rather shitty position while still currently in game. None of these messages have clear malicious intent. These kind of rules breaking from my own hand won't happen again. This is my first legitimate "ban" from the SS14 servers and I'd like to keep playing on said servers.

So to start this round had been absolutely horrid from sec standards. I had asked if I could quit my job (as secoff) in the cord that I was in because I had enough of my fellow sec in said shift. I don't believe I even quit my job in said round. This shouldn't have been said nor asked, but I did it anyway and it won't happen in the future.

PURP 1/2/2024 8:46 AM
i can quit my job right?
i can do that
Leo Reighner 1/2/2024 8:46 AM
yeah go visit hop they might let you
Leo Reighner 1/2/2024 8:47 AM
if they dont just do what i do and unofficially quit
equip passenger gear and just be a passenger with a sec id lol
PURP 1/2/2024 8:48 AM
fed gameplay
i like it

I've been lead to believe by admins own words that saying that "I'm feeling like X role or X dept. this round" is fine to do so outside of the in game communications. There is no intent to be a bad actor in said evidence for my banning here (Commsban). I don't believe this should be counted towards my ban.

PURP 1/2/2024 2:59 PM
not in the round yet
was just looking to see whats on the table
think ima tide
tider round
Ash Winter 1/2/2024 3:00 PM
PURP 1/2/2024 3:00 PM
Ash Winter 1/2/2024 3:00 PM
i’ll be a borg.
cause why the hell not

In this piece of evidence, I'm certain that this was after I and many others had decided to either ssd or to stop actively doing anything in the round. It was a revolutionary antag round where the first Headrev who was a clown that was caught by me (secoff) and was taken promptly to sec for being suspected as a bad guy in sec eyes at the time. I and one other secoff had caught the first Headrev 10 minutes into the shift because he was doing very obvious rev shit. For the second Headrev, they found themselves in a desperate position because of being found out that its revs' so early on. He (a cargo tech) decided he was going to use the only flash he had and to spam rev anyone he saw. I know this because he did it right infront of me at cargo and was taken away later by sec to be gibbed. This is 50 minutes into said round where I had decided since the revs aren't doing anything I'm gonna get off and wait for the next shift to come. When I asked said question to a fellow discord member from the group I'm apart of, both of us and a few others had gone either catatonic or just got up to do something else whilst the evac shuttle takes its time to arrive. I understand that the round isn't "over" till its actually over but I couldn't wait another 20-30mins to ask a simple question about the current round and how I caught the first rev. I will admit I shouldn't have asked till it was round end screen was shown at the end of a shift. As well as in future rounds, I will have more patience when it comes to talking in said cord. I have much more to this lil' story here about the clown Headrev but I've typed too much already.

PURP 1/5/2024 4:19 AM
ur in the current round yea
scraps 1/5/2024 4:19 AM
i disconnected but yes i was
PURP 1/5/2024 4:19 AM
so i caught the clown headrev
scraps 1/5/2024 4:20 AM
legit saw 0 revs the entire shift
just sayin
PURP 1/5/2024 4:20 AM
he goes ssd in sec after i take em in
the fucking
cargo headrev flashed like 5 people then never saw em again
but ok
i was told by a sci guy that all the flashes were gone from the vend
i walk down to sci
see the clown spamming the doors to be let in

This piece was taken COMPLETELY out of context from the discord. I was asking who another person was talking about because in a previous round, we were playing sec and there was a NONANTAG making death nettles. We go to take said nettles as sec should, to where I'm actually killed by the NONANTAG botanist. I as well as the other person said they had ahelped them in which I asked "who?". I was reminded in that moment that he was talking about the person that killed me with the nettles that they grew, in where I said "not antag" into "making nettles". I've yet to even play botany even once in my almost 1k hours of play time on SS14. This should not be considered "metacomms" what so ever due to it being grossly out of context. I can see why that might've been considered "metacomms" on my part, but with THE REAL context given it shouldn't be considered.

PURP 2/3/2024 8:50 AM
scraps 2/3/2024 8:50 AM
PURP 2/3/2024 8:50 AM
Ash Winter 2/3/2024 8:50 AM
PURP 2/3/2024 8:50 AM
not antag
Plykiya(Madisyn Youngerson)
Ash Winter 2/3/2024 8:50 AM
PURP 2/3/2024 8:50 AM
making nettles

To be honest, I think this was rather low thing to be lumped into my appeal, but it was anyway. The round was a zombies round. Which most of times its either a complete stomp or 40+min drag. This one was more a mix so it was really REALLY fast in the beginning in which most of the people that I knew were in the round, had already been converted and killed as said antag (zomb). This is me hinting at the fact that I'm still alive in said round where all of the people in the cord (that were actually in the round) that were in said round were already dead. There's no malicious intent by me saying these three simple words. I don't believe I should be banned for sucha short sentence like this.

Satoru Suzuki 2/3/2024 9:11 AM
i seen ja walk at me with a fucking shot gun
John Hawkness 2/3/2024 9:12 AM
dude i was so hyped we had sucha  robust lineup
Satoru Suzuki 2/3/2024 9:12 AM
and i knew what was gonna happen
John Hawkness
dude I was like okay cool i can run to the bathrom real quick and when I came back it was hell
PURP 2/3/2024 9:12 AM
im still standin

For the last thing on the list, this is me deadchat malding in the cord. Nothing to really be said other than I shouldn't have said that while the round was still being played out. I won't be saying these things anymore now that I've had time to see what it was for said commsban as well as having a bit more patience when it comes to talking about current events and previous events whithin said cord. 

PURP 2/2/2024 10:28 AM
lame ass event
scraps 2/2/2024 10:28 AM
PURP 2/2/2024 10:28 AM
im being looted instead of being taken to med

Really in conclusion. There's shit that I shouldn't have said, there's stuff I shouldn't be smacked with a hammer for. This is my first ban with however many hours now. It shouldn't be last especially with ALL of these "comms" having 0 malicious intent. I truly don't think I've had a bad influence on anyone else's experiences in game with the ban that was given to me. I will be making sure that these kind of "comms" won't be said while actively playing on the servers' anymore.

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After reading my hot-headed take on why I shouldn't be banned, I've come to realize that I am in the wrong regardless of the given context. I can't ask for a complete unban due to me breaking the rule about Meta-communications. I want to make it clear that I didn't mean to break the rules in place for the SS14 servers and want to say I am sorry for doing so. I want to keep playing on the Wizden servers and I will make sure that no more rules will be broken after whatever kind of sentence is given to me for my wrong doing.

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  • Game Admin

This has been put to an admin discussion and vote of which we have come to the consensus to reduce the ban from indefinite to 1 month.

The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:
- Previous history
- Writing off some of the issues as no effect on others.

Appeal Accepted - Reduced ban ending on 7th March 2024

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