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StarryEyes/ Starry0822 - Ban reason: ["Metacomms"]


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Ban reason: ["Metacomms"]
Length of ban: [This ban will only be removed via appeal.]
Events leading to the ban: [I joined a discord with friends from the SS14 LizaDen server and have made several confusing comments about in game meta knowledge. After writing my admin note and receiving the times that were flagged as meta-coming.  ]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I live in the east coast and play on west coast servers so the time the first message was sent so during the first 3 messages that were noted I was drunk, and had come back from hanging out with real life friends. I am very aware that this is not a valid excuse for the messages sent, just trying to give some context as to why I said what I said at the time. Though I am now aware after speaking with admins how some of the comments that were made, may not have seem damaging to me ARE damaging and can hinder other people's gameplay. 

Here are some of the reasonings behind the messages that were sent:

Satoru Suzuki 1/14/2024 6:03 AM
Bro I want to nukie with someone I know so bad

I don't actively role antag often, but the few times I've rolled nukie agent, I have had both really nasty randoms who spent a lot of the time screaming and being disorganized and overall left a really nasty taste in my mouth for the role, so this comment was not meant to be malicious just that I would have reliable teammates that wouldn't grief the nukie round. I also was not home at the time of this comment or online, I was still actively at the bar with IRL friends.  I don't believe this to be consider meta-coms. 

Satoru Suzuki 1/14/2024 7:03 AM
Warden and hos
I’m drunk sec

This message was taken outta context compared to the conversation, I still wasn't home at the time It was about what department we might have played when I home and I was explaining that I don't play sec when intoxicated because I don't want to get in trouble for doing something silly or wrong. I was saying "I'm drunk sec, cause I was irl drunk and making a funny off someone saying shit sec. I was not in game or online at the time. I don't believe this to be consider meta-coms.  

Satoru Suzuki 1/14/2024 7:39 AM
Satoru Suzuki 1/14/2024 7:39 AM
someone stream

 I has just gotten home and got on my computer to game when I tried to join lizard's server it was full and I was unable to join for a decently long time, I am very addicted to the game and I just wanted to watch someone play while I waited to get in, I spent the next I believe 20 minutes clicking on the retry button to get into the server. It wasn't meant to be in a malicious way, I was just intoxicated IRL and wanted to watch ss14 while I tried to get into the server. I don't believe this to be consider meta-coms. 


Satoru Suzuki 1/14/2024 7:52 AM
weger are yiou
i have the stuff
Satoru Suzuki 1/14/2024 7:54 AM
beating up someone with northstars
im coming

When I finally got in game it was during evac and it was completely inappropriate to make these comments during the round, I was high off adrenaline and if i can recall correctly was still fairly getting use to combat (again not an excuse just trying to shed some light into my dumb mistakes to show that there is not malicious intent I just did something dumb.)  The part where I said i have the stuff was in-regards to anti drunk meds because one of them was getting ill irl about being drunk ig and I reacted out of worry.


Satoru Suzuki 1/14/2024 9:55 AM
let me find out
someone in here gets round removed
best belive im round removing someone

I don't roll antag and was just completely talking just to talk, it was around 5 am for me at the time and it was an very dumb comment to make, but I have never round removed someone, I am actually extremely against round removing, It was just a shitty comment I made to friends actually had nothing to do with the round or previous round. I don't believe this to be consider meta-coms. .


Satoru Suzuki 1/14/2024 8:48 PM
if your command this shift
your a fucking idiot
i hope yall know that

I was malding pretty bad after this rev's shift, both in dead chat and after the round, I really did just use the wrong tense if I remember correctly, this shift had command cripple the station and I was aware that the members of command at the time some were my friends and I wanted to let it known that I was severely angry at how they handled the situation. I don't believe this to be consider meta-coms. I was just so mad that I used the wrong tense and was mald typing.


Satoru Suzuki 1/14/2024 10:44 PM
no im actively being carries around
by purp

I was playing hammy this shift, at the time I made this comment, at the time it didn't feel like significant information due to only being a small hamster, though knowing and having seen it know I understand the severity of some people using and manipulating ghost roles to an unfair advantage, but that was not my intended cause, I just wanted a chill round to relax and not have to worry about being a super active member on the station. When I play Hammy I try to be as friendly and emotional support pet like as I can, due to understanding that this game can and will cause people stress, so being a cute little cuddly hamster that nuzzles shoes is what I am to be, not a greifing ghost role.

Satoru Suzuki 1/14/2024 10:57 PM
oh i just went lawyer
im gonna be a pain in the ass for the warden

 In regards to wanting to squad up in a department, but I had already choose to go lawyer, the comment was extremely inappropriate to make, but by this I had no malicious intent, it was just meant to be an argumentative lawyer to get people outta perma, I take RP really serious, and I can say some dumb things out side of the game, but when in game I try to keep to what it is that I am set out to do. The warden that round was actually very sweet and was one of my favorite lawyer rounds I ever played due to the amount of rp that we were able to have.


Satoru Suzuki 1/15/2024 12:13 AM
well sec left you naked
so i put clothes on you

Lastly this comment was made after the round had ended, it was in-regards to them only stripping the female operative and leaving them outside of sec, they went out of their way to put the cmo hat on her, but then left the rest of her completely naked. I don't believe this to be consider meta-coms.


I am aware that some of these, may have been seen out of context or gray area due to a lack of precaution on  my end, going forward if I am able to get banned I know personally I will be taking the liberty to screen shot end of round screens before engaging in talk about anything that might have had in the previous round to ensure that it is clearly understandable that I am not in game at the time of making comments. As well as the comments even though to me didn't seem like they had any real significance at the time I made them, can and are damaging to not only my own gameplay and experience but to everyone else in the round all together. I recognize the mistakes I made and I am very sorry to both the admin team handling this and the community entirely. I didn't have any malicious intent behind any of the comments I made nor would ever want to hurt someone else's rp experience. I truly am sorry.]


Edit: Missed part of the "Satoru Suzuki 1/15/2024 12:13 AM" message. 

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  • Game Admin

Hello! This has been discussed within the admin team and we have put it to a vote. The consensus is to reduce the ban to three weeks.
Reason why are as follows:
-Non Problematic player
-Honest appeal, understands what they did was wrong
-Still breaks the rule.

Appeal accepted - the ban will lift on 3/2/24


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