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Defalt - Metacomming


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Ban reason: Metacommunications with Jetlemur
Length of ban: Until Appeal
Events leading to the ban: Me and a friend (Jetlemur) were introduced to ss14 by a friend of ours whom we met on a different platform, I didn't start playing until recently (Made the account a while back, never played when initially told about the game), when at the rules page, I only briefly skimmed the rules and never properly read them. We were told to get enough hours to play on security then he would teach us the rest about security, he told us to explicitly never metacomm, I didn't know what he meant and shrugged it off.

Day of the ban, I joined lizard and started wandering around trying to figure out the layouts of each station, I saw Jet get on discord and decided to ask if he wanted to play, which he did. We found eachother in maintenance and figured it would be easier to talk on discord, a bit into the round and after a good amount of lollygagging, I saw an admin message pop up, Jet also called out that he had one pop up too, asking how our characters know eachother. We state that we are old friends and are asked how we keep meeting up with zero communication, Jet tells them that we are using discord and I am told that metacomming is against the rules aswell as what it is, then I get banned.

Reason the ban should be removed: This ban was entirely justified as I did not review the rules or make an attempt to verify that what I was doing was against the rules or just something that a friend viewed as scummy. I asked the aforementioned friend who introduced us to the game to send me a screenshot of the rules, which he did, and I spent the time to properly review them. I understand the consequences of this and I apologize for not reviewing the rules in the first place, after reading them, as well as learning about the consequences for the rules, I will not be breaking any of them as this is a game I enjoyed and would love to play it more.

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