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MrToofters - Saying bad stuff


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Ban Reason: ERP/Harrasment(Dont be a dick) - Got unreasonably mad at cap for killing rat king and started screaming "KILL YOURSELF" multiple times on common at them, along with having made a couple suggestive messages over radio. "Probably sucking someone off"

Lenght of ban: Until taken off by appeal.

Events leading to ban: There was 2 Rat Kings, both friendly. Then Captain ordered a termination of them which he had the right to do but i didnt like that. I was mad (in character and not really ooc) at him. So i did tell him to do that but i really did not mean it. I was more thinking of the meme. I realise its kinda stupid. But im certain i only screamed the words at him once on common. And the couple suggestive messages over the radio is also not entirely true cause i belive i only said something like that once over the radio and then i think i said to someone but not over the radio.

Reason ban should be removed: After i cussed him out a few times i wasnt sure about the fact that im gonna get bwoinked but then i tought that if im going too far id get a warning from the Admin. But that didnt happen. Im not overall problematic. My last ban was back in 2021 if i remember correctly. And now i know that if im not sure if thats going too far then i just shouldnt do it.

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  • Game Admin

This has been put to an admin discussion and vote of which we have come to the consensus to reduce the ban from indefinite to 1 week.

The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:
- Zero tolerance rule break
- No other previous history of toxicity and sexual content.

Appeal Accepted - Reduced ban lifted

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