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Appeal ban for stupidly destroying substations.


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Ban reason: Destroying all substations as technical assistant, lying in ahelp.

Lenght of ban: Until appealed

Events leading to ban: Well i don't remember much but a while back when i was playing on wizards den, while trying to figure out the game, i discovered you can disassemble substation thingies. I didn't even know what they were for and what the consequences would be. I destroyed quite a few of them and then got messaged by an admin asking what i was doing. I don't recall my responses but they were probably not sensible as i was not taking the game serious anymore, i knew i was probably going to get banned.

I think the ban should be removed because it's been a while and i've had quite the time to get myself together and take the opportunity of playing in an actually english  server more seriously. I'll consider the rules more seriously next time and not do stupid things like experimenting with disassembling valuable technology on the space station.

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  • Game Admin

Hello! Ive put this to a vote with the admin team, and the consensus is to reduce the ban to two weeks. Reminder to re-read the rules, and to remember that everyone here is human, be mindful what you call/tell others.
Appeal Accepted.


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