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potato1234_x - CE Roleban for Disabling Grav


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Roles: Command

Length: Permanent? Doesnt say.

Events Leading to the Ban: joined round as CE, setup tesla, all that, found out there were spare containment field generators, remember seeing someone on ss13 set these up in the hallway, do the same (but in an area where people can go around if they so choose), crew and i have some fun throwing items and ourselves at it, gravity coincidentally goes off, find out it flings you way further, grav comes back on as i was about to fling the mime (they asked me to) mime wants to try with grav off, go turn it off, but it gets turned back on before i can fling the mime, go back to it, tell engi im turning it off to test something, borg sees me turn it off and reports me. at this point my power goes out and comes back on for a minute (im not joking, see file) at which point i join back just in time to see ive been put in my office and then my power goes out for the next 2 days this time. i logged back in today to see ive been rolebanned.

Reason the ban should be removed: I was about to explain to the crew that it was only going to be temporary and that it was in good intentions. however I couldn't do that since my power went out, I have a good track record as command and have never done anything intentionally harmful to the crew as command ever before.

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  • Game Admin

From the ban notes it looks like it was more about messing with the grav gen in general for some 'funnys' and building barricades in the hallways.
The ban has expired now so ill close this off but I have put a note on your account with the disconnect not being malicious and related to a power outage.
Appeal closed. - Ban expired.

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