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github ban appeal


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GitHub account: [JoeHammad1844]

Date of ban: [Dec 23, 2023]

Events leading to the ban: [I made a PR updating the nukie planet, which included adding an RCD, at the time I didn't give enough thought into how it would be abused, but I removed it after some back and forth, the PR was then merged. next I made a PR about adding syndicate themed RCD sprites and commit names based on Farfour the mouse, I was banned due to the commit names and the assumption that I would try to give nukies an RCD again]

Reason the ban should be removed: 

1. The most I know about Farfour the mouse is that he is a Palestinian mickey mouse knock-off, and at some point he had something to do with handing over documents, I'm sorry for referencing (I assume he has a dubious history now) and I can guarantee that I will not use inappropriate commit names again

2. I did not plan to use the sprites for anything myself, but I can understand how that may have been misinterpreted, I also understand now that including sprites for something, without any actual content to use it can bloat file sizes

3. I can make better PR's, for example I plan to upstream this when I am unbanned https://github.com/greystation14/GreyStation14/pull/50

4. In the future I will think through the implications of my PR's more, my more undesirable PR's have been a result of simply not thinking about the consequences long enough

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