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(Unknown admin)Ban-Appeal - chatubademesquita


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SS14 account: chatumademesquita.
Character name: Nicolai Dincus
When was the ban: 7 days ago
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard´s Den Lizard [US West]
Your side of the story: not much.  just trying new things out , to see if trey would actualy work or not. testing some game mechanics if i can say , i am a little bit new in this game and i allmost learned everything i need to know and played lots of rounds but i still dont know why i received perma ban, the days i was out of the game for the ban i understand but i did not understanded the perma ban i geted , i served my sentence and still got perma baned , there is a rule that ban players that already served ther sentences? But well that is it.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I really like this game and i think its pretty neat , i would really like to see this game grow with each passing day with more players and new thing to do and try with.(one more thing i am the creator of the [healing meth] , the meth that heals you and give you a fun time, if you dont unban me you would be losing a great man of science and progress hahahaha) jokes aside thanks for taking your time to read it and have a good day sir.

Anything else we should know: nothing more i think.

appeal, include it here.


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6 minutes ago, chatubademesquita said:

sorry i dont know. did i write it? i dont know what you mean with desetaziuldes


Well apparently they're another user who attempted to log into the game using your computer. Can you explain.

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28 minutes ago, chatubademesquita said:

not gona lie that was me trying to see if the system was really secure and see if i could go over it and well the result was a 3 days ban as you can see

The three day ban was a typo, alt accounts are a permanent ban. You can appeal in a week.

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