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SS14 account: Capnsockless
Character name: Will Hunting
When was the ban:  27th of January
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard USW I think.
Your side of the story: I just joined a round and Captain was one of the few jobs still left so I just chose that, in hindsight that was a bad idea since I was tired at the time and I wasn't in the mood to play as the captain. Then a bit later I walked into the bar which was full of toilet bowls and people were spamming them, I appreciated the sight and went towards security, met some sec officers there, I jokingly said something like "Wanna go shoot up the bar?" one of the officers said "Sure" and that was it, we didn't do anything of course. I picked up some random spear I found just because I like spears. A bit later I go back to the bar to get some food, as I'm eating the spear gets snatched and I try to get it back by disarming the guy and then I just brutally explode and get banned for suggesting to shoot up the bar and picking a spear up as the captain. 
Why you think you should be unbanned: It was a bunch of consecutive dumb mistakes and I apologize, I had a final exam that day and I was quite exhausted, I didn't put any thought at all into anything I did. Now I've been done with all of my exams for almost a week and I realized my fault, people in command jobs should watch what they say, especially the captain. Irony isn't always obvious enough and this case could've ended badly. I just won't take a command job whenever I'm too tired or upset over something from now on if I get back in the game. 

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