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Making shuttles, part 2: Basic shuttle laws


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Part 2 of your local chaos-causing shuttle maker's guide on Shuttles. Today we'll talk about things to follow when creating that shuttle you're working on!
First off: Try to make your shuttle console face north. That way, movement is a little more easy to control... Believe me, follow this advice. It will save you SO much hassle when driving the thing.
Second: If an antag tries to attack, you have 2 options.
- Make a deal with them, let them on board and talk with them
- Get a gun (did you bring the cargo thing with you??) and shoot at them, hopefully robusting them before you get robusted.
Also, please remember: Space law mandates that just being a member or a hostile corporation does not mean you should instantly murder them. If you can strike a deal with one, it would prove EXTREMELY profitable in the long run.
Last thing to remember: A recent update made computers take more power. You might want to have 2 SMESes to fuel the ship long enough to get to CentComm or Argo.
That's really all you need to know! Happy shuttling, and beware of Mr. Honks.

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